Start Your Visit Off Right

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7 Days Prior To Your Visit
  • Check referral status:  Contact your referral physician to see if a referral has been made for your visit with the Allergy & Clinical Immunology Center;

    1. If you are a Managed Care/HMO patient, a consultation referral form MUST be obtained prior to being scheduled for an appointment. Please check “referral information” under “New patient

    2. If you have other commercial insurance, physician referral is requested although not mandatory.  KEY: A physician note even on a simple prescription pad in regards the purpose of the referral would be helpful for ensure a high-quality visit with the Allergy & Clinical Immunology Center. 

  • Confirm your eligibility with your insurance: 

    • In order to make your visit with us the most pleasant one and to avoid any unexpected costs, we ask for your assistance. Please check with your insurance for specific coverage in regards to the following tests and/or procedures.

      • Food challenge/desensitization

      • Drug challenge/desensitization

      • Immunoglobulin Infusion

      • Immunotherepy

      • Skin biopsy

      • Skin Testing

      • Spirometry

      • Patch test

      • Rhinoscope

  • Obtain pertinent medical records: 

    • Request that copies of pertinent medical records and test results (previous skin tests, X rays, CT scans, pulmonary function tests, and lab tests or even any consultation letters from previous allergist/immunologist) from your referral doctors prior to your visit. 

    • They can be provided to us by one the following ways, based on your personal preferences and/or convenience,

      1. Fax at 856-797-1149;

      2. Email to with “Referral for your name”.

      3. Mail to Jin, P. Guo, MD, PhD, The Allergy & Clinical Immunology Center, 1 Eves Drive, Suite 109, Marlton, NJ 08053.

  • Refrain from taking antihistamines: 

    • Remember only if a skin test is scheduled which you will be notified upon arrival, please discontinue antihistamine medications 7 days prior to your visit since they interfere with skin testing.

    • Please click here to see which medications you need to discontinue.

    • Important: Asthma medications, such as inhaled or oral corticosteroids, leukotriene antagonists, cromolyn, and inhaled or oral bronchodilators (beta agonists or theophylline compounds) should not be stopped.

One Day Prior To Your Visit
  • Please read and complete two forms (registration and questionnaire) that have been sent to you. Make sure hand in the original signed forms to our office at your visit.

  • Please have any pertinent medical records and x-rays to your first appointment ready for you to bring on next day.

  • Please have the list of medications you may be taking, or the medications themselves ready for you to bring on next day.  

  • Please have your insurance card(s) ready for you to bring with you for your visit.

  • Expect a 72 hours pre-visit auto reminder from office ally and a 24-hour pre-visit call from our office for your next day visit.

    • Please take advantage of this phone call and ask any questions you may have about your visit;

    • Please click here for our office policy for confirmation and rescheduling appointments as well as late arrivals

The Day of Your Visit
  • Arrive 10 minutes early for your visit.

  • If you did not complete the new patient questionnaire before your appointment, please come in at least 1 hour early.

  • Bring the referral form or referral number with a note from your physician for the specific reason of this referral with you.

  • Please allow one to three hours for your initial consultation depending on the amount of testing needed.

Our physician will:

  • Take a detailed medical history and perform a physical examination.

  • Conduct or schedule specific diagnostic tests such as skin testing, spirometry, blood tests, or x-rays including CT.

  • Review the results of these tests with you and propose a specific individualized treatment plan.

  • Send a letter to your referring physician in regards to our findings and recommendations after your visit.

  • Lastly, payment

    • Payment or/and Co-Payment may be made with cash, check or card

    • For further questions in regarding payment,

      • Please click here to check our Finance Policies OR

      • Please contact our billing company, Physician Capital Solutions and ask for Julie Fitzpatrick, or Nikki Rosalie at 856-334-8484 (tel), 856-334-8535 (fax). Their website is

One Day After Your Visit

Expect a follow up phone call from the Allergy & clinical Immunology Center:

  • To encourage you to share your opinion with us about your experience while you were in the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Center.

  • To check if you have any reactions from our tests and/or procedures

  • More importantly, in order to achieve the best effectiveness from your individualized treatment plan, to ensure you understand and are able to adhere to this plan given to you by our physician. 



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